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At the Diversified Staffing Alliance (DSA) —a trade association founded by Pride Global in 2013—we provide firms of diverse ownership access to business opportunities with leading corporate clients and Managed Services Providers that were previously beyond their reach.


Over the last two decades, Pride Global and its affiliates have helped organizations secure over $1 billion of opportunities to work with minority-owned firms. Every member added to our diverse collective is thoroughly vetted and screened to meet the industry’s most rigorous quality and compliance requirements. Headquartered in New York City, DSA helps provide organizations and agencies owned by minorities, BIPOC, women, and those within the LGBTQ+ community with not only access to new opportunities, but also support for building and scaling operations through a range of solutions including accounting, IT support, software, and assistance with insurance and legal requirements.


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DSA fully vets vendors mitigating potential risks

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Complete transparency through cost reporting and performance analyses

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Broadens network of suppliers without additional cost to client.

DSA enables organizations and agencies owned by minorities, BIPOC, women, and those within the LGBTQ+ community to work with larger firms.

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  • Broadens network of suppliers without additional costs to clients
  • Single point of contact available for clients as DSA will manage all relationships, negotiations, and ongoing management
  • More robust insurance coverage
  • Allows targeted pool of partnered vendors (e.g., diverse firms, BIPOC)
  • Consolidated reporting
  • In exchange for participation in multiple programs, our partnered vendors are encouraged to charge less for their services
  • Added layer of insulation from the client
  • Supplier overhead can be optimized and reduced (e.g., legal, accounting, finance)
  • DSA can act as mentor to its partnered vendors